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ACRA-Lite has deep roots in the lighting industry. Back in the day, 30 years ago, we made plastic injection molds for prismatic reflectors, light pipes and automotive lighting. One of our largest customers serviced the casino industry and wanted a large electronic screen system developed. We designed and build an incandescent wedge based system that still is in use today. After a very successful run, LED’s made that design obsolete from an efficiency standpoint, so some years later, we developed a line of LED streetlights with various light patterns to IES standards. Back then, our designs were based on 80 lumens/watt, which was leading edge 10 years ago. Three years ago, the original line of ACRA-Lite was built on 120 lumens/watt, while our new line is running at 140 lumens/watt, providing an excellent lumens/dollar ratio.

All our designs are passively cooled with no fans at all. Our supply chain is domestic US as much as possible with most content and assembly coming from plants in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Whenever possible, we encourage returnable packaging for large, ongoing, change out programs.


ACRA-Lite are well suited for big box stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, supermarkets, stores, and even home garages. Mounting heights range from 7’ with the Low bay short to 40’ with the High bay long.

Retrofit kits are in testing at ETL-expected availability 3rd quarter 2016

Hanging and surface mounting kits are available.

They are available with cords.



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